Monday, July 28, 2008

Michael's Crafts Store

The past few days I had been violently sick from what I believe to be the food I ate at the Mets Game. While I laid around wallowing in my own filth in my bed I noticed that some of my posters that I pride myself in had been getting abused by our fair climate we are exposed to here in the North East. 

I expressed this to my Mom who suggested we just go out and get Frames for them and that she had a coupon for 40% off for Michael's Crafts store. I agreed and so I spent some quality time with my Momma Dukes today and went to Michael's Craft Store on Jericho Turnpike in Commack today.

Michael's Crafts is an elderly woman's paradise! Whether it be the endless amount of faux floral designs, or being caught behind an elderly woman pushing a shopping cart for 4 minutes when all you need to do is go 6 feet to the frame aisle.  And who could forget the smell of Wood Glue emanating through out the entire store; Michael's Crafts has got everything you need for the Geriatric in You!

I can't complain though cuz I was able to get 4 different frames and materials for under $40. That is as my Dad would say is "Better then a sharp stick in the eye".

But I digress!, I must finish framing these Posters and Mow the Lawn (Whopppiieee!) before Bowling tonight (More on Bowling to come in the blogs so Stay Tuned!, .......or do something better I won't blame ya!)

P.S. : If anybody is interested in which posters I bought Frames for, I bought them for My Return of the Living Dead Poster, Terminator, Escape from New York & Street Trash.