Monday, July 28, 2008

My First Blog Posting!!!

Yea!!!! Horray for Blogs! (Yea, I'm that Lame) I decided to start a blog after reading my friend Dan Lee's blog: for centuries as well as reading my fellow acquaintance Sue Funke's blog:

Basically I'm gonna write about my favorite Movies, Music, Books, TV Shows, Sports, Video Games & Web Sites I frequent. My writings will also feature some of my ideas (business, technology, Pipe Dreams & Wishful thinking) and my opinions on certain things. My entries will also feature events and occurrences in my daily routine/Life.

So Yea, basically just like every other fucking Blog on the net! Hahaha

Hopefully my entires will be appealing to you and that you find them interesting and some things funny as well. I hope I can also keep up with posting blogs as much as possible cuz lord knows how I can get caught up with my daily routine of random shit through out my days and how also lazy I can be when I have down time and how much lack of shit gets down when I have it.

So Yea, Thats about it. Just gonna leave the Mike Cregan Seal of Approval...Where is it here?....Ah, Yes Here it is!

Oh! And P.S. : The First Person to Accurately Guess Where I got my Blog Name: "I'm A Guy Like Me!" gets a First Class Sloppy Knob Job with the possibility of a Reach Around!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yo, man. you could meet a girl blogging and then you could blog together and you wouldn't have to leave the house!
oh yeah. it's Emily.