Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miami Vice

Yea, Just Admit it, You watch it just like everyone else! The only difference between you and me is I don't just like it.....I LOVE IT!!!

From the Pastel Sport Coats & the overkill of New Wave & Phil Collins to the abundance of Mullets that are present in practically every episode nothing personifies the 80's better than Miami Vice (Besides the obvious like Cocaine, Ronnie Reagan & awful, awful Day Glow attire).

Miami Vice featured Don Johnson (in his prime) as James "Sonny" Crockett. Crockett was a smooth talking Undercover Vice Cop who lived on a ***house boat*** with a pet alligator named Elvis.  No matter how wild and crazy things got in the end Sonny always did things by the book.

And What Kind of TV Cop doesn't have an equally Entertaining Partner, you ask? That question can be answered with 3 simple names Philip Michael Thomas (who I'm not really too sure had a prime but had a fantastic music video featured Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv2ilzhs-sg). 

PMT played Ricardo Tubbs, a rough around the edges NYC cop who arrived in Miami on "assignment" to track down the dreaded drug lord Calderone who in Tubbs words "Killed My Brotha!" (which I attempted to say just like Tubbs as I typed this and failed miserably).

Miami Vice was really the first TV show to be REAL gritty and openly show Drugs and talk about it. It was the most cutting edge show for it's time and it showed with the All-Star lineup of guest appearances from Bruce Willis, Phil Collins to Lou Diamond Philips.

Miami Vice had a few solid seasons under it's belt but just like any other show it jumped the proverbial shark. I'd have to pinpoint this shark jumping Fonzie feat at the episode that had some sort of Alien Cult that James Brown was a leader of. 

But How was the Miami Vice Movie, you ask? Well!, frankly, it was fucking terrible! And this is coming from a guy who went dressed as Crockett to the premiere of the movie. No matter how many times I've watched it (somewhere near 23 probably? both on HBO & OnDemand) it doesn't get any better,.....yet for some reason I still like it.

And of coarse you ask Why was the movie so bad? (or maybe is it Why is he still babbling? or Why I'm a Still reading this?)

Well thats a good question. One reason could be the lack of chemistry, if any, between the Silver Screen Crockett & Tubbs played by Colin Farrell & Jamie Foxx. The TV Crockett & Tubbs were partners and friends and it showed in their partying together outside of work (or during when they were undercover) as well as their arguments with each other. At the end of the day though they looked out for each other.

Another reason the movie sucked could be because just the lack of enthusiasm or any emotion by any character in entire cast. None of the actors could have acted their way out of a paper bag (and I've Watched "Honey" with Jessica Alba, but I'm not gonna lie I watched it on Mute).
The movie was also filmed in a very dark tone and didn't capture Miami's bright vibrant life style unlike the show which would burn the shit out of your Retina's with all the fucking pastel colors.

Well, in conclusion I must say after reading over all my blog I can only go on to say that I have no life and should probably get out more!

***Name the other late 80's early 90's TV Character Who Lived on a House Boat! The prize you ask? Sharing the equal amount of shame as me for having useless knowledge***

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