Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance

So, Yesterday was one of the funniest filled days I have had in a long time! Wednesday was my first day off from work in 9 days & I took full advantage of it. My day started with me waking up at the Crack of 10 am. On my way to get my caffeine from work I noticed in the reflection of a car in front of me that my front left headlight was out. I figured my luck, thats how my day would go.

After visiting Dr. Feelgood I went to Cool Dr. Money Haircut band practice which lasted for while but it was very constructive and productive. We learned 2 new songs to our repertoire in order to get prepared for our show @ Gunther's next Friday 8/15 @ 9:30 pm (a good promoter knows when to get their plugs in!)

(a rare photo of an actual Cool Dr. Money Haircut!)

During practice a full of life Ms. Emily Soper had texted me with an enticing off of Mini Golf for the evening which also turned into Dinner before hand as well. How can you turn down Dinner & Mini Golf I ask you! Well You Could If Your a Blood Sucking Communist!

Any who, after practice I went home, shower and get changed and had about an hour to dick around the house and surf the net a bit. The Lovely and Vivacious Nicole DeLuise was so gracious enough to pick me up since of my Pa-Diddle situation(an out headlight). 

We met a one lord Esteban Delgado & Ms. Soper @ Starbucks and headed out to Chipotle restaurant in Huntington Station by the Walt Whitman Mall and feasted upon Burrito's from the Chipotle Gods.

After being incompasitated from our intake of fine Mexican cuisine we headed out to Heartland Golf in Brentwood. We all Mini-Golfed pretty well, in fact I got 2 hole in one's, one unassisted & one from Steven being a jerk but unbeknownst to him helped me get a hole in one anyway. 

We weren't able to tell who won however though because like a retard i decided "hey let's let steve, a man notorious for cheating in games keep score (i'll mention the Trivial Pursuit incident in a later post)." 

This was like giving a loaded gun to Michael J. Fox and requesting him to keep his fringer steady on the trigger (yikes, he's using Michael J. Fox parkinsons jokes?, yea he is!) The result of leaving Steve in charge of keeping score resulted in Emily having a 16 practically every hole and Steve having a Hole in One each Hole!

So after Mini-Golf we drove around in Nicole's car for a while and went down Sweet Hollow Road & Mt. Misery While Steve & I chewed chips very loudly to annoy Ms. Emily Soper. After being scared by Raccoons jumping out of no where in the back roads we decided we wanted to do a Scavenger Hunt in which we called Starbuck's and demanded Neil to make a list and we'd come by to pick it up.

Neil didn't make the list but our fine friend & associate Paul Guarino did, which included: Blue Beach Glass, A Boy Cabbage Patch Doll, Purple Condoms, A Gang Bang Porno, A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figure, A Dollar From a Mexican, A Pink Diaphragm, & a Dollar from a Teenager.

Steve went home but contributed with a Dollar since he is Puerto Rican. So Emily (who contributed the Dollar for the Teenager portion) , Nicole and I set off on our journey in Emily's Jimmy which started with CVS which yielded nothing.

Next was Metro Mart which certainley had plenty of porno's as Emily was quoted to say "were obsessed with rear ends" but were sans Gang Bang. So we decided to drive down Larkfeild Road which we thought would be sleazy enough to support any of the said items on the scavenger hunt list. This resulted in us yelling out the window to everyone "DO YOU HAVE ANY GANG BANG PORNO'S?"

Then a Stroke of Genius Came upon us when we decided to go to the Pleasure Palace to seek our items (and yes, I completely excentuate the puns of "Stroke" & "Came" in that sentence). 

While we walked and gazed upon the majesty that is the pleasure palace two Goons got in some bickering fight to which i say "Gentlemen, Gentlemen! we're in the Pleasure Palace, can't we all just get along?"

We decided that the price of our first born for a Gang Bang Porno was too expensive so we took a picture of the Gang Bang sign and ogled the toys section while shopping for a gift for Paul for our thanks for creating our fantastic scavenger hunt list. 

After seeing way too many cocks in such a short time pan I announced that "i don't want to see anymore cocks!" We then decided on Penis Lollipops for Paul and then drove around listening to Emily's Awesome Mixes and then bought ice cream and ate it in the Starbucks parking lot.

So needless to say I had an awesome day but yet begs to ask the question Do I spend too much time at work outside of work? You decide!

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hey...HEY! do you guys have any gang bang pornos?!