Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bloggin on a Saturday Night, I'm a Party Animal!

So yea, the title of this blog says it all, as I've gotten older I've become duller and duller as I've discovered my night life is the equivalent of a tree stump. I've become content with saving money and not going to bars in exchange for sitting around watching a movie/tv, playing board games, cards or video games.

Tonight for example instead of going to see my boy Anthony's band at the Crazy Donkey or going to Gunther's I'm most likely gonna stay in blog here while watching cops and play some of my new game Fallout 3 (which is absolute Crack) afterwards. That is if Brian or Quested don't get back to me.

Although I wouldn't mind leaving the house especially since my parents are having my old racist neighbor from across the street over for dinner. Anytime she talks about a different ethnicity she refers to them as "They'll cut you tongue out."

But anyway, this past Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day, and how did I celebrate you ask? By going to class in the morning and working the rest of the day and then going to bed because I had to open the next morning, quite the Party Animal I tell ya what!

Wednesday was quite the handjob of a morning as my Manager had let go a girl the day previous who had hours the rest of the week. My Manager didn't think about covering those hours at all because she is naive and thought that this girl was gonna cover the rest of her hours when she wasn't gonna have a job anymore. It rocked.

Thursday was fun, after class I played Fallout 3, took a nap because my eyes we're deranged from hours of play and then I joined Emily, Missy and Kim for a girls night out in Huntington instead of going to my class that night. 

We had dinner @ European Republic then went to Ricky's because I was hoping that they would have these Buddy Holly frames that Emily got at one of their stores in the city. They didn't but they did have a cute chick working there with snake bite piercings that which I love. They also had some gigantic Flying Hooker working there too with chest piercings, she creeped me out.

After that we walked around Huntington until we found Crumbs bakery. I got an Oreo cupcake and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cupcake. I had the Oreo when I got home, it was amazing, I put the Reese's one in the fridge.

Friday Morning I opened, it was an uneventful open which is a rare thing so I enjoyed it. After that I had to go to the school to cover a Economics Lecture on False Advertising for my Journalism class, it was about exciting as .... I don't know, I cant think of anything clever.

After that Emily and I went Thrift Store Hoppin. I got a really sweet insulated Post Office Carrier Jacket. Emily picked up a sweet Long Island Reptile Museum  shirt with a reptillian like belt.

Later that night I hung out at Erin's with Emily. We watched one of my favorite Rom-Com's Outside Providence. They enjoyed it. When I got home I ate the cupcake I had in the fridge, it was 224,835,560,294 times better after it spent some time in the fridge.

Today was a waste however, I woke up and went to work @ 8:30 this morning. It was busy as shit till about 1ish or 2. There was an Asian Man (or as my Grandma would say an "oriental") in the back alley of the store selling Bootleg movies, I got the Watchmen. My manager also bought some movies but had to make it a point to me for some reason that he bought some of the Porno's he had. Normally when chicks tell me something like this I'm all for it, but with her I wanted to Vom in my mouth.

Now I just finished watching Cops and discovered I'm most likely gonna have to do a double shift tomorrow to go along with my open shift on Monday, Rock on!

My goal ultimately is to blog with less days in between each log. Mostly because I hate summing up my entire week and would rather keep up to date. So look for a blog tomorrow after I get outta work tomorrow because I know everybody's keeping glued to their computer just to read another douchey blog!

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Anonymous said...

that girl at Ricky's scared the bejesus out of me.