Monday, March 16, 2009

God Damn it's been a Hot Minute since I blogged!!!

I can't believe it's been since August of last year that I last blogged. I kinda just got lazy (and by lazy I mean spending all of my time on the computer looking at porn instead). I vow to change that though, after having a guest speaker in a class of mine who blogs for a living and reading my friend Emily Soper's blog daily for the past few months or so I've had a reawakening new found appreciation about blogging.

My plan for my newly restructured blog is to try and do a feature blog (the topical blogs I've done in the past) once a week. The other blogs I will post during the week will revolve around my thoughts, opinions, feelings, and events that have happened to me that day or that week (so yea, a normal fucking blog). 

The challenge with my previous blog structure was the topical installments were so time consuming to type that I didn't want to do them (But I thought you said the problem was you we're looking at porn instead; Yea but that was only 97% of the time, that other 3% was strictly dedicated to gossip sites and email/facebook).

I'm also thinking of every once and a while including a write up about certain bands that I'm digging on at the time, what I like about them, what songs I think you should check out and possibly a profile about the band itself.

Other then that though I'm really not up to too much these days. Haircut finished recording tracking and vocals of our First Full Length and is in what will most likely be a long mixing period as we all get our thoughts and opinions in about the tracks and the album as a whole. 

I've been reading a lot and as usual my ADD can't contain the process of reading just one book at one time so I'm in to about 6 books as we speak. One of them is a really good documentary about Guns & Roses and their early days, needless to say it's fucking awesome.

Starbucks is becoming a sinking ship as my manager has gotten her own feelings about people we work with into the way and is causing it to be an uncomfortable place as she has unwittingly gotten rid of quality people for her own ego problems.

Other then that though not much has been going on.....

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Anonymous said...

yeaaahhh bloggin'.
"yo, you know, dude, you could meet a girl bloggin' and you guys could blog together and never leave the house."

And gimme a break, you spend WAAAYYY more than 3% of time allotted for computer use on WWTDD?.